Town Square Delaware

In 2016 I was hired by Town Square Delaware, a local news organization, to do a website redesign and resolve storage issues stemming from the tens of thousands of photos and years of past content on the site. As my first freelance project, it served as a foundation for much of my more recent work.


The aim was to improve the site's performance on mobile devices, increase advertisement capability, and to allow continued operation without concern for the size of the site's archives. In the time since completing the redesign, I've continued working in a maintanence role, making updates to the site as neccessary.

Similar to my previous experience, the site was WordPress based. The primary obstacle in the project was transferring the archives off of the old site, because we had extremely limited access to the server and were up against a physical hard disk limit for storage space that hindered the standard WordPress transfer methods. My solution was to use SFTP to incrementally download each individual image from the server and piecing apart an SQL dump to then insert old data into the new site's content structure. The project also involved coordinating with another graphic designer to ensure the new logos were made with things like website favicons in mind.