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Using an SVG Favicon in Gatsby

Using an SVG favicon in a Gatsby site can be a bit tricky, because it is one of the only times where you don't want to inline the SVG. Read more →

WSL Configuration

My Linux shell configuration is used exclusively with Cmder and WSL; I've included some basic installation and setup instructions here. Read more →

Cmder Tasks

Tasks tell Cmder how to work with different terminals and shells. Here I've listed my tasks for WSL, PowerShell, and more. Read more →

Racket System Access

This guide provides an introduction to interacting directly with the system from a Racket program. Read more →

Making a Racket Command Line Program

This guide is aimed at bridging some of the gap between using Racket to learn the basics of coding and using it to build simple command line programs. Read more →

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